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Academic Editing

What is editing?

It is important to make a distinction between editing and proofreading. Proofreading involves checking the text for spelling and grammatical mistakes. This is an important part of editing, but there is much more.


The point of editing is to improve the readability of a document. After all, the most important thing is to get your point across. With this in mind, Impact Factor's comprehensive editing service focuses on the following components:


Sentence structure: This underrated aspect has a key impact on the readability of a document.


Clarity: The best argument counts for little if it is not expressed clearly.


Succinctness: Why use six words when two will do?


Consistency:  Ensures that terms and styles are followed consistently throughout the document. Includes consistency in terms of writing in US or UK English. 


Phrasing: When is it appropriate to use certain terms, the passive or active voice, first-person or third-person, colloquialisms, cultural references, humor, etc.?


Style guides: Full adherence to any journal or institution's style guide, including references.


Why offer a free sample?

Anyone can call themselves an "editor", so how do you know your writing is getting the in-depth attention it needs?


The best way is to provide a sample of your writing (such as an abstract) for a free edit. E-mail a sample of your writing (such as an abstract) to for a free, no-obligation edit before making a commitment.


If you are considering a number of different editing agencies, ask them for a free sample before making your final decision.

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